Simple flight booking guide

Step 1 – Go to Crew Center

Step 2 – Click Book Flight in left menu

Step 3 – Click tick mark at end of line with desired flight

Step 4 – Select desired airplane type and click Continue below

Step 5 – Click Briefing Document or Cancel Flight in right hand menu. Number of passengers is decided by the FS Airlines system and can be seen in the briefing document

Step 6 – Start flight tracker and fly the flight in simulator

Using flight tracker

Step 1 – Click the Download Now button on the front page of FS Airlines before you login

Step 2 – Load weights in your aircraft in flight simulator (i.e. fuel, PAX and cargo). Then start the FS Airlines flight tracker and click on the Fly! button

Step 3 – Click Fuel Up! – This will load same amount of fuel in your plane in FS Airlines as you have loaded in your flight simulator

Step 4 – Click Fly!

You can ignore the red warning for zero fuel weight if the Fly! button is shown

Step 5 – The flight tracker will now show the message “You can start your flight now!” – from now on you do not have to worry about the flight tracker until you apply the parking brakes after landing (you can safely use the parking brake as long as you have not yet taken off)

Step 6 – Taxi to the runway – you will see the message below in your flight simulator

Step 7 – Take off – after takeoff you will see the message below in your flight simulator

Step 8 – Complete the flight and land – after landing you will see the message below in your flight simulator

Step 9 – Taxi and apply parking brakes – after setting the parking brakes you will see this message in your flight simulator

Step 10 – End flight in flight tracker – click Next several times

Your flight still counts if you exceeded maximum landing weight

When you see this screen your flight has been registered in the FS Airlines website

Step 11 – To see the recorded flight go the FS Airlines website and click Overview

Step 12 -In the section with Last 5 flights click the I icon at the end of the line at the top

Step 13 – You will now see a nice report with details of your flight

Step 14 – Even more details are available in the menu on the right hand side

Buy ticket

Use buy ticket when you need to move yourself to another airport wihout flying an aircraft. When you sign up on the FS Airlines website you automatically receive $10.000 – so this option is available to you right from the start of your career

Step 1 – After login to FS Airline click Crew Center in the top of the screen

Step 2 – Click Book Flight in the left-hand menu

Step 3 – Type the ICAO code of the airport you want to go to, e.g. VHHH for Hong Kong, and click Buy Ticket in the bottom

Step 4 – You are now placed at the new airport